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Minimalism is one of the most influential style that continues to compliment with any kind of trends in design. The concept of minimalism is a simplistic approach manifested by stripping away all unnecessary elements and only focuses on what is necessary. In my own opinion minimalism is not just a style using serene, uncluttered space or minimal use of other design elements thus it is a style with the simplistic way of conveying a deep message of a certain design. Minimalism is everywhere, you can find this style in all forms of art, from painting to architecture to fashion, even dance movements to web design to logo design and more. Now, I guess you are wondering that using minimalism is an easy and fast way to use for your works and projects. Well, it sounds simple but trust me it can be more complicated than you think. Fundamental elements of design plays important role in minimalism and it is always important to use the right elements correctly. From t…