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Boost your creativity


Believe it or not, we are all born with oozing creativity inside of us and as we mature, we are capable of developing our creativity from a different perspective and eventually come up with the desired outcome.

At this moment, you can see that people who are successful in our society were able to positively make a distinct creative development and were able to utilize their creativity that serves as the foundation of their success. On the other hand, there are people who struggle to develop their creative thinking that hinders their path in achieving their goals and aspirations.

                Nonetheless,  it is never too late to practice the enhancement of creativity and if you are wondering to find solutions to overcome the struggle, here are the top simple ways that might help you boost your creativity.

1  .  Conquer your fear and take risk

For me, fear is one of the reasons why people struggle in developing their creativity. We are afraid to commit mistakes because of our natural tendency to protect our “ego”, our sense of pride. We are even mindful of what other people might say if we will begin with something that is outside of our comfort zone, thus the feeling that the society might reject our ideas and creations. Eventually, our preconceived fears hinder us from making our first step to a new beginning.

Fear stunts our mind to produce a new outcome.  An example would be a man who wishes to start an RTW shop business but eventually worried if his designs would be bought because he thinks others work is better than him. He feels insecure and has low self-esteem, thus he has chosen not to pursue his business ideas. On the other hand, there’s a man who also wishes to start an RTW shop who also thinks that there are better designs than him but still pursued his business for he believes that every person is unique and has different preferences in terms of designs.

What’s the difference between the two? They have the same fear but the difference is their mindset about fears. Our attitude towards fear defines our journey towards success. Pursuing our ideas is essential than thinking over about our fears of the unknown. Sometimes committing mistakes is part of

Sometimes committing mistakes is part of growing up and experiencing failure at times helps us to become better Because we will not keep on repeating the same mistakes right?. If we couldn’t go wrong, our mind would not think of new ideas. So don’t be afraid of those rejections and failures. If you have successfully conquered fears, slowly.. creative ideas and imaginations will start to burst into your mind.

2  .  Be unique and get out of your comfort zone

Most people who have successfully overcome the struggles of developing their creativity has this mindset on their called “outside-of-the-box”, this means they are approaching things differently than a normal person would have. Thinking different will allow your creativity to develop and gives you a chance to view things from a different perspective.

Most people who have successfully overcome the struggles of developing their creativity has this mindset on their called “outside-of-the-box”, this means they are approaching things differently than a normal person would have. Thinking different will allow your creativity to develop and gives you a chance to view things from a different perspective.

Being unique will maximize your mind to think more creative because you think different. These means you have the capability to think without boundaries, not like others who likes to go with the flow and choose to stay inside their comfort zones.

3  .  Be curious and observe

Some people think that you need the talent to be a creative thinker, believe me… being creative does not require talent. We all have the capabilities to imagine and to think even the most impossible things that we want to think. People tend to be satisfied when they are comfortable with their progress and this is one of the problems of those people who think that they don’t have the capability of being more creative, they forgot to become curious and they stop seeking for improvement.

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious” these were said by one of the most creative and I must say has the most imaginative mind “Albert Einstein”. See.. even one of the great persons agree to the conclusion of curiosity. Impassioned curiosity will cultivate your creative work.

Those people who have strong curiosity and observation performs better and easily come up with creative ideas not only creative thinking. Exercising your curiosity will also help you to build others skills inside you.Relax and take a rest

4  .  Relax and take a rest

Relaxation is important in our minds and to our body. Surely by thinking and doing such things to boost your creativity will make your mind and body tense and exhausted. At this point, relaxation is the best way to calm down an exhausted mind and body. There are many simple ways to loose and unwind like listening to music, walking into a certain place with a beautiful scenery, engaging in your favorite sports activities, watching movies or tv series that you love and other activities you preferred that helps you to relax.

Rest, Unarguably an amount of rest is a requirement or a basic need for every aspect of a human being’s life. Even a machine needs a rest. Having a satisfying amount of sleep is the major way to rest a human mind and body. Resting means to relief our mind and body for it to perform for another activity.

By relaxing and taking a rest, you revitalize, rejuvenate your mind and body to perform their natural creative flows.

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