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Logo design is not that simple as it looks. Logo design is not just a symbol it is not just a combination of wordmark or some fonts and colors. A logo is an identity. A designer must understand the quality of a good logo.

Now, the question is what makes a good logo? Plus creatives will share you the principles of effective logo design.


“ Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – Leonardo da Vinci ”. In the world of logo, simplicity has a big factor. A simple logo is describable and makes it easy for the audience to remember. If you can accurately describe a certain logo it means this certain logo design is effective.

Logo design is not just an illustration and typography it is more on design insight and presentation.

Nike, Apple, and McDonald’s are some of the most famous brands that have successfully achieved a recognizable logos and they achieved this by creating a simple, describable and yet interesting shapes. The biggest proof is that we as their audience can still manage to recognize their logo without any captions or their brand name.


Simplicity also has its connection to versatility one of those many advantages of a simple logo is that it can be used on all the potential environments.

Eventually, logos may apply in a variety of mediums. Most importantly it needs to be functional in all kind of situations. For this reason, it is critical that a logo should be designed in vector format, to ensure the flexibility of its size.

Another one thing, an effective logo should look good even if it’s displayed black and white, or a certain set of colors.

A simple tip – if your logo design doesn’t look good in black and white then no amount of other colors will rescue the idea of your logo.The main point is no matter how fancy your logo looks if it does not contain versatility it won’t be a good and effective logo design


Obviously knowing the intended purpose of a logo is important for a designer to produce appropriate logo design.

Logo design should be relevant to its identity and business role, but this does not mean showing what a business sells, offers and services on the logo design itself.


So you know that a good logo design must be simple, versatile and appropriate.

The last thing you might want to ask is, does your logo has the capability to be effective in a long-run? Does your logo will be able to endure the evolution of trends.

Coca-Cola is the best example of a timeless logo. Since 1885 until this present day, Coca-Cola has proven the capability of their logo design to endure through the ages.

Did you find this helpful? Do you have other opinions of what makes a good logo? Let me know.

Note: All trademarked logos belong to their respective owners. I just used them as a good example.