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Minimalism is one of the most influential style that continues to compliment with any kind of trends in design.

The concept of minimalism is a simplistic approach manifested by stripping away all unnecessary elements and only focuses on what is necessary.

In my own opinion minimalism is not just a style using serene, uncluttered space or minimal use of other design elements thus it is a style with the simplistic way of conveying a deep message of a certain design.

Minimalism is everywhere, you can find this style in all forms of art, from painting to architecture to fashion, even dance movements to web design to logo design and more.

Now, I guess you are wondering that using minimalism is an easy and fast way to use for your works and projects. Well, it sounds simple but trust me it can be more complicated than you think.

Fundamental elements of design plays important role in minimalism and it is always important to use the right elements correctly. From this, I will discuss trough the role of minimalism in principles of design.



Color creates contrast and it is important to have a strategic minimum color choice in minimalist design.

Black and white colors are the most effective colors that provides a great impact, though all colors are acceptable if they are used properly.

However, some designers think that minimal has to be black and white and some are trying to go minimal with overuse colors.


In a relation with color; as I said before, black and white have the most effective colors because they are naturally containing a lot of contrast between different elements.

White Space

In minimalism, the elements breathability is an important aspect.

The greater the empty space, the more the elements can breathe, stand out, and the more power an object within it gains.

Layout / Positioning

Every element in minimal design is essential. Content and elements should be laid out effectively for the perceivers to see and understand the message of design.

A useful tip – using a grid in minimal design will keep your design to be organized.


Typography in minimal design is as important as other elements. When I do a minimal design I always keep to my awareness the amount of font that I used.

Strategically most of designers who creates minimal design uses no more than two or three styles of fonts. It means using more than three type of fonts makes the design too busy and overkilled.


Minimal design has played a big role in web design.

Designers are forced to create the most attractive and usable web design because, this days web developers, business owners, clients, etc. are seeking a web design that focuses more on user interface/experience.

Minimal web design can compensate the needs of a better user experience because minimal design is so simple that gives users to access a certain web easily without any complication.


One of the principles of effective logo is simplicity that can convey with the idea of minimalism. A minimal logo is describable and makes it easy for the audience to remember.


Many designers use a minimal design when it comes to media likes posters, book covers, and other print media.

Minimalism is necessary when designing a print media because it is effective to convey the message of a certain design quickly and cleanly. In other words, minimalism makes an aesthetical pleasing ability that can stand out among other designs around it.


Minimalism will always be the style with the capability to survive in any changes of trends.

The simplistic style of a minimal design has the flexibility to incorporate other styles and upcoming trends.

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